Alexander Wang London flagship

London, United Kingdom

2014 — 2015

The London flagship is a fusion of Alexander Wang’s signature industrial athletic style with the craft and material richness of Vincent Van Duysen. Through materiality, form, and attention to detail, Van Duysen has designed a space that offers a sense of permanence – unafraid of conveying an aesthetic but resisting trends.

Starting from the existing building structure, interior design concept creates a powerful and sober space defined by primary architectural elements: a strict grid of columns, beams, and in-wall niches. In opposition, elegant, curved and continuous chrome tubes define part of the display fixtures in combination with a composition of black platforms with rounded edges and tactile surfaces. The substantial and monolithic spatial forms, typical of Van Duysen’s work, are softened by a sculptured central staircase and curved display fixtures that give the space a strong physique.

Interior design elements explore the contrasts and contradictions between materials, the physical discrepancies between rough, expressive, and industrial materials combined with soft and delicate finishes in order to create a sophisticated, elevated and yet unexpected atmosphere. Spread across three floors, the flagship features a luxurious material palette that presents furniture and fixtures that sit somewhere between contemporary art, modernist sculpture, and classic furniture.

Loose furniture are integral part of the architecture and atmosphere, a combination of custom design furniture by Alexander Wang and Vincent Van Duysen, along with the re-edition of 70’s Italian design by Gianfranco Frattini by Tacchini and the sculptural works of artists Ben Storms and Gerard Kuijpers.



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