DD Residence

Waregem, Belgium

2010 — 2012

The project is located in a park in Waregem, West Flanders . On the property an existing estate and a small farm house are located each on one side of a remaining enclosed meadow in the park.
The project encompasses the building of a contemporary single family residence at the other side of the meadow , a house that optimizes the spatial value of the plot / quality of the park in combination with a private feeling for the owners.


The new project, located at the outer end of the plot combines an optimal orientation with a protected feel versus the street and a direct relation with the park garden.

The design of the house relates to the early modernist language of the 30’s and 50’s , but roots itself in the Flemish building tradition by the use of a specific brick, reproduced for this project.


The brick volumes separate the house from the street , a cubist composition of lines defragments the main volume of the house which literally opens more and more towards the park . A pergola structure at the rear façade encloses a first garden area and creates a subtle transition between the private living areas inside , the enclosed garden area around the house and the park beyond .


The plan also illustrates clearly the transition between public and private . The combination of the brick volumes indicate the entrance door to the house, beyond which a main entrance hall is separated by big sliding doors from the private life . An enclosed small courtyard allows the natural light into the hall. Behind the sliding doors the private living areas relate to the garden . Specific attention is given to the family kitchen where the natural sun light enters the space above the kitchen through openings in the wooden ceiling structure, a structure  that continues from the kitchen into the covered terrace close to the pool. The bedroom areas are traditionally positioned on the first floor of the house.


The use of warm grey brick , contemporary aluminium window frames and pergola structure are combined inside with Belgian Blue stone ( with a weathered finish ) and oak floors , a wooden ceiling in the kitchen and for the remaining parts a white finish which results in a tranquil atmosphere that accentuates the natural light in the house and the views on the beautiful old trees in the verdant  park.


Arquitectura y Diseño, February 2014

Domus, November 2013



Koen Van Damme


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