Youth Hostel

Antwerp, Belgium

2004 — 2011

A semi-public building next to a new square seamlessly fits into the urban tissue through its volume, greyness, and vertical windows but sets itself apart through scale, the use of natural stone cladding and large flush windows generating a dialogue with the city.

Open to the new square, the reception and café on the ground floor are linked through a large void to the restaurant below. This void, and a large outdoor patio, generate a light and qualitative experience in the basement restaurant. Bedrooms are situated on the floors above.

Materiality and furniture are very utilitarian, robust, and vandal-proof. Grey polished concrete, black fiber resin boards, and white plaster form a backdrop while the users and the surroundings add colour and liveliness.

In collaboration with:
Bureau Bouwtechniek



DS Magazine, De Standaard, October 2014 

Belgium New Architecture n°5, November 2011

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Koen Van Damme

Juan Rodriguez


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