Augusto Modular for Molteni&C


If home is the heart of daily life, the Augusto sofa is where one finds home. The evolution of luxury continues as creative director Vincent Van Duysen transforms the prior iteration of Augusto into a versatile modular system, blending timelessness with contemporary flair. In a way only he can, Van Duysen aims to further capture the enduring essence of Augusto through modularity, introducing innovative curvilinear pieces that foster connection.

Retaining its classic aesthetic, the 2024 Augusto sofa embodies the welcoming spirit of Molteni&C, offering both comfort and sophistication. The modular system includes lateral and central elements for enhanced functionality, and chaise lounges and islands as relaxation zones. From compact spaces to spacious rooms, Augusto provides stylish solutions tailored to diverse needs.


VVDA 2024 MOLT Augusto 3
VVDA 2024 MOLT Augusto 2
VVDA 2024 MOLT Augusto 4
VVDA 2024 MOLT Augusto 1