Flora for Fantini


Flora materialized organically from our desire to craft a timeless collection imbued with a nostalgia of the past. We consistently strive for a sort of symbiosis in every project which is a common understanding when it comes to designing for Fantini.

Flora is a highly tactile and ergonomic collection. The single and double levers take center stage, exuding a strong allure and character to the overall collection. The low and generous proportions imbue Flora with sensuality complemented by an industrial aesthetic infused with modern sensibilities.

We paid significant attention to proportions. It’s a very human and personal collection. Archetypal, chic and sophisticated.

More info: Fantini.it

FANT 240319 1
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FANT 240319 7
FANT 240319 8
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FANT 240410 1
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