Fonte for Molteni&C


Refined craftsmanship meets innovation. Sophisticated accent pieces adaptable to any setting. Fonte features three tables for three uses. Coffee table, lounge table and night table each rest on sturdy oak legs to support either a marble, essence, or black back-painted glass tabletop. The subdued color hues of each tabletop harmonize with the coffee and black oak base options to create a contemporary interplay of solidity and fluidity.

Each table is crafted to enhance the functionality and style of the space they inhabit. The bedside table features a practical drawer and a sophisticated upper ring with an elegant, burnished paint finish, while the lounge table offers a generous surface area with choice of an inlay option.

Whether placed next to a sofa, in a central position for work or leisure, or as a bedside companion, these pieces combine style with functionality. The Fonte series pairs elegantly with the Ovidio bed from the 2023 Collection for a cohesive and sophisticated look, reflecting Van Duysen's vision of modern living.

Info: Molteni&C

VVDA 2024 MOLT Fonte