Intersection Monomaterial for Molteni&C


The fascination of monolithic objects made of a single material has inspired Vincent Van Duysen to apply this concept to his latest creation, the Intersection kitchen. A single material, natural stone, with which to create a unique, sculptural and architectural object. Firstly, this project implies choosing a material that fits the purpose, natural stone, with the unique characteristics that Nature bestows, and secondly, using innovative technologies to achieve it, as is deducible from the doors of the bases, which open effortlessly to guarantee the utmost functionality. The natural stone slabs are machined and excavated with high precision mechanical processes, so as to lighten the panels and guarantee them for domestic use. These monomaterial“shells”, subsequently applied to alveolar aluminium panels, guarantee that they are light, stable and mechanically resistant, thereby allowing a door to be built all in one with the island side panels. And the material nature of natural stone, with its unique and unrepeatable look, enters our homes with a spectacular application.

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Living (Corriere della Sera), June 2022

Elle Decor Italia, Blow Up, March 2023

Intersection 102 Hr
Intersection 097 Hr