Jacques x Vincent Van Duysen


JACQUES introduces a collection of objects, designed in collaboration with Vincent Van Duysen. Functional and minimalistic, these objects are crafted from raw materials that act as instruments aimed at promoting longevity and introspection. Rooted in the spirit of practice, the Meditation Chair, Side Table, Block, Bō Stick, Sand Bag and Blanket are designed to create a tranquil yet dynamic environment, and support the mind and body through movement and intention.

JACQUES founder, Gregg Cohenca, and Antwerp-based architect and interior designer Vincent Van Duysen set out on a collaborative project to build a series of objects designed to add a sense of tranquility to practices of physical movement and mindfulness. Both Van Duysen and Cohenca take a sustainable, long-lasting approach to minimalist design through functionality and their use of enduring materials. Stripping away all excess can optimize both the clarity and beauty of objects, putting the focus on form, texture and the resulting environment or feeling that it creates. When designing new collections for JACQUES, Cohenca always returns to the mantra of “quiet confidence.” Similarly, Van Duysen has always been devoted to the idea of “architecture as visual silence.” They both believe that one can be at once progressive and subtle, introducing something entirely new by assembling the simplest ideas.

At the core, they both believe in the idea of slowing down. In an overstimulated world where everything is fast tracked and there is no time to think before reacting, there grows an increasing need for spaces that calm the senses and make room for inner awareness. With this project, Cohenca and Van Duysen aim to build instruments that connect the mind and the body.

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