M Residence

Mallorca, Spain

1996 — 1997

The project involves an old rural house in the inland area of the island of Mallorca, with an impressive portico on the main façade, and two adjacent buildings which now function as lodgings for the caretakers and the office of the owner.

The house preserves the spirit of the original Mallorca ‘finca’. Inside the spaces are clean and essential - like the furnishing elements of the various rooms in the house. The resulting atmosphere is one of absolute balance, permeated by a feeling of leisure and relaxation. An indoor-outdoor relationship has been achieved by means of compositional elements that create a sense of continuity between the house and the landscape: the traditional pebblestone embedded in a cement flooring.

Only the outer enclosure defines a true physical and visual barrier. Between the residential space and the rest of the property, accentuating the sensation of privacy. A sensation that does not change when one enters the house: the entrance area is a large empty room, enhanced by the wood panels on the walls, concealing the entrance to the bathroom for guests; the only decorative presence in this space is washstand carved from a single block of stone, inserted into a niche.

From here one enters the living area and the large kitchen-dining space on the ground level; at the same time, access is provided to the staircase for the upper floor, containing the bedrooms. The rigorous character of the furnishing solutions - simple planes, elementary volumes, full and empty elements for storage and display of objects - is accentuated by the rich sensations of materials, such as sanded stained oak, different types of stone, marble, and ceramics.


Alberto Piovano