Natan Shop

Brussels, Belgium

1995 — 1996

Vincent Van Duysen Architects design for the Natan showroom in Brussels is one of the many projects created for this well-known Belgian fashion-house.

All the works designed for Natan are marked by an unmistakable style. The design is based on the pure essential lines of the space and the furnishings in which light is a fundamental factor for the perception of the geometry. The boutique in Brussels, on two levels, plays with the vertical delineation of the architectural volume, creating visual openings that allow the gaze to run freely over all the contours of the interiors.

Natural sunlight from the large windows on the upper level enters and saturates the stark white walls and dividing partitions: the staircase is enhanced and transformed from a mere functional element into a forceful architectonic ‘sign’ in contrast with the rarefied emptiness of the spaces.

The furnishings are also reduced to the essential - display blocks that perfectly integrate with the neutrality of the space and the garments themselves, hung from minimal hooks, like artworks in a gallery.

Alberto Piovano