VVD High Line Kitchen for DADA


In 2016 Vincent Van Duysen was named creative director of Molteni&C, including the kitchen department, Dada.
For the VVD Kitchen the recessed handle detail was reinter­preted in a modern and sophisticated way within the Hi-Line kitchen series. The contrast between the slim side and end units and the considerable thickness of the worktops is highlighted, interrupting the linearity of the worktop with stone sink bowls.
The alternating materials and the interplay of solid and void give rise to a dynamic and at once sophisticated kitchen.
Generous pull-out trays, open-ended drawers and undertop trolleys complete the project. An aluminium load-bearing structure allows for compositions to be completely suspended from the floor. Innovation is expressed with technological details such making the internal space more usable. The kitchen gains a new architectural look, thanks also to the elegant ceiling units and slim, transparent glass cupboards with soft-closing micro-hinges.

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A Molteni Dada Milano Flagship Store 01 Hr Photoshopped
Dada Vvd 2016 Walnut 002 Hr
Dada Vvd 2016 Walnut 004 Sink Hr
Dada Vvd 2016 Ferrovia 006 Hr
Dada Vvd 2016 Ferrovia 003 Hr
Dada Vvd 2016 Ferrovia 005 Sink Hr
Dada Vvd 2016 Ferrovia 013 Col Rot Hr
Dada Vvd 2016 Ferrovia 016 Trolley Hr
Dada Vvd 2016 Ferrovia 015 Snack Hr
Dada Vvd 2016 Ferrovia 018 Drawer Hr
Dada Vvd 2016 Ferrovia 020 Det Hr