Zara Home+ by Vincent Van Duysen - Collection 03


Zara Home+ by Vincent Van Duysen | Collection 03 marks a departure from the conventional focus on specific areas like living and dining rooms. Set to launch in June, this new chapter seamlessly blends elements envisioned to enrich the previous offering with pieces that collectors will covet and desire, elevating the aesthetic appeal with every detail. Zara Home, renowned for its accessible and meticulously crafted furniture and accessories, embarked on this creative journey with Van Duysen in 2022. Inspired by a shared passion for design refinement, this partnership delves into the archives of the Belgian architect and designer. Here, Van Duysen revisits his most iconic pieces and styles, infusing them with a fresh perspective while staying true to his design ethos and DNA.

The lines characterizing this third drop showcase a dynamic interplay, shifting between assertiveness and sinuosity. “As an Epicurean who appreciates art and beauty, my approach is to introduce a new dimension, a more sensitive one”, explains Van Duysen. This evolution aims to resonate with individuals who value art and objects beyond the surface, fostering a humble and heartfelt connection with each piece.

The range is still heavily inspired by the first two collections yet zeroes in on objects which range from wooden to solid brass accessories to more sculptural objects, doubling as self-standing decorative elements within a given space or bedecking a tabletop, pedestal, or nightstand. The Library System 01 is a subtle addition that can be placed around the sofa acting as a screen that both embraces the seating component while at the same time contains books and objects. This element boasts a peculiar texture due to a solid wood structure with embedded metal containers.

The Lounge Chair 02, a free-standing low chair, creates a little twist and is more dynamic compared to the previous iterations. It is utilitarian and functional yet has a sculptural character, reminiscent of vintage chairs with abstract contours and lines.

The design of Chaise Longue 01, crafted from leather and stained oak, draws inspiration from a chair that once adorned Van Duysen’s former residence in Antwerp.

Rug 03, a new striped kilim carpet in beige and dark brown is characterized by graphical elements, an unexpected iteration of Van Duysen’s version at his home in Antwerp. Cushion 01, a loose kilim pillow in dark brown, and new earthy colors for the overall collection complement the sofas’ covers.

Available on and in select stores.

Photos: François Halard / courtesy of Zara Home


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