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16 October 2018
Pub 2018 Anniversary Magazine

Vincent Van Duysen: The Poet Of Surroundings

" What if, beside the physical consciousness created when we wander in the constructed environment, we could relate to our surroundings with our minds? What if forms and spaces had souls and that, like us, they had their own thoughts and scars? This idea seems romantic, but doesn’t the real essence of poetry rely on this kind of abstract relation between mind and body; between physical sensations and inner reverberation. While poems are made to link up these two sides of human essence, architecture — which usually physically connects us to our surroundings — often seems to fail in reinforcing our sense of self. Vincent Van Duysen is, in such a way, trying to give back to architecture this sense of poetry by creating rich and vibrant environments. "

Thank you for the fantastic read, Anniversary Magazine. 

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