Graanmarkt 13

06 June 2014
Graanmarkt 14 En

Opening of the top floor apartment of Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp.


Graanmarkt 13 is created as a welcoming and warm home, where everyone should feel at ease with a restaurant, a shop, a gallery space and an apartment all under the same roof.

The remarkable concept occupies an entire townhouse in the center of Antwerp, with the traditional building being reworked by Vincent Van Duysen.

In the past years, the owners Tim Van Geloven and Ilse Cornelissens turned Graanmarkt 13 into a household name, but wisely kept one secret to themselves.

The initial idea was to include a bed & breakfast on the top floors. But plans changed when Tim & Ilse saw the project developing and decided to turn all available space into one luxurious apartment.

Described as 'their best kept secret', the apartment is now available for rent.

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