Molteni&C at Salone del Mobile 2019 Milan

18 April 2019
VVDA_2019_Molteni&C Exhibition Stand Milan

Molteni&C Salonde del Mobile 2019: MID CENTURY

“The house of Molteni&C is inspired by the houses of the great architects of the Mid Century.

The straight pure wall and ceiling volumes divide and emphasize the different spaces. These shifting volumes never touch each other, creating horizontal and vertical visual filters. The result is a bright and open space, with green areas inside and outside the home of Molteni&C. 

The rooms are divided into living and sleeping areas. The house of Molteni&C hosts also a kitchen and an artist’s studio, builded around an open green void. The studio is visually and physically connected with the rooftop terrace on the upper floor. The rooftop terrace is accessible via the open staircase, which is part of the library, heart of the house of Molteni&C. The mix of different materials such as wood, stone and steel give a strong character to each space.”

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