Aster for Molteni&C


The Aster coffee table is the ultimate expression of compositional rationality and craftsmanship. A unique object made entirely by hand, a contemporary work of art that combines aesthetics and functionality.
Each table has a slightly different connotation, testifying to its handcrafted nature.

Its base features a brass casting made with an earth mould that gives it the sophisticated hammered effect. The ring is mounted to the legs by welding. A vibratory finishing technique completes the aesthetics. With the help of stones, the structure is gently smoothed, giving it a wavy effect.

The top is made of annealed glass with a thickness of 1.9 cm and features a slight ripple in the lower area that adds personality. Again, the manufacturing technique is extremely meticulous: the sheet is placed in a mould with a textured bottom and fused at 180° C, giving the glass its distinct finish.

Aster is available in two sizes: 50 cm in height with a 40 cm top in diameter, or 40 cm by 50 cm. Finishes are available in polished brass or black patinated brass, while the top can be customised in smocked glass or green.

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VVDA 2023 MOLT Aster HR