Bacob Bank Offices

Kalmthout, Belgium

1997 — 1999

An existing bank dating from the early-nineteen eighties has been totally revisited. The building lacked contemporary architectural qualities and had to be extended in order to house a revised program.

The existing situation was stripped to its primary structure and then divided into three zones: the ‘self’-zone, the ‘information’-zone, and the ‘advice’-zone including personal offices and a conference room.

In the center, an open space with a double-height volume was created to let in the zenithal light – transparency and luminance were key aspirations for this project.

Emphasis is present in the contrast between the dominant structure versus the open spaces and lines of sight. The alternating white structure and grey tinted glass panels create a large-scale graphic pattern.

Only a small variety of materials was used in this project; white walls, concrete tiled floors, and grey painted furniture which creates a monastic atmosphere.

Vincent Van Duysen Architects has also designed Bacob Bank Offices in Mol, Geel, Brasschaat, and Kapellen.


Koen Van Damme