C1 for Flos


C1 was born out of the desire to create a simple collection of spots and appliques characterized by a very essential and geometric design language. The starting point was to hide the technology as much as possible by integrating the swivel mechanism while making it almost invisible. The collection is suitable not only for typical architectural environments but also for private residences. The power range available and the dedicated optics kit make C1 ideal for residential and hospitality utilizations.

Available in two sizes, it works both for ceiling or wall applications. As an adjustable luminaire, C1 is unique in its elegance and simplicity.

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Vvda 2021 Flos C1 05
Vvda 2021 Flos C1 03
Vvda 2021 Flos C1 04
Vvda 2021 Flos C1 09
Vvda 2021 Flos C1 Wall Down Large Brushed Copper Edit
Vvda 2021 Flos C1 Wall Down Large Brushed Bronze Edit