Calvin Klein Jeans Worldwide concept

Hong Kong, China


The Calvin Klein Jeans stores feature a series of volumes and architectural ‘ribbon’ elements in beautiful metallic grey , brass and deep blue colors, combined with natural wood and a warm grey cement finish on floor, walls and ceiling.

The diversity of warm materials creates a sophisticated and textural environment that enhances the display of product and the customer experience. Jeans and products are featured on deep blue and wooden architectural ‘ribbons’ while accessories are showcased on a brass volume and are mixed with wooden modernist seating, felt carpets and a sculpture of light.


Vincent Van Duysen

VVDA_Calvin Klein Jeans_HK_1
VVDA_Calvin Klein Jeans_HK_2
VVDA_Calvin Klein Jeans_HK_3
VVDA_Calvin Klein Jeans_HK_4
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