DC I Residence

Waasmunster, Belgium


The site is located in a green residential surrounding, with not much more than trees and classic dwellings.

During the summer period, the area provides the perfect setting for walking, biking, and horse riding. Therefore the house needed to offer the owners the possibility to lead a life indoors and outdoors and out of sight of the people passing by.

A natural stone wall, which surrounds the house, serves as a buffer between the public and the private zones. It defines the house as a modern citadel however quietly expressed.

The Moleanos wall is folded as a stone envelop around an almost completely transparent ground floor where most of the daytime activities take place.

The wall changes into the patio surface and extends on into the interior, taking in freestanding objects such as the wash basin, the kitchen volume and bathroom facilities.

There is natural light everywhere on the ground floor and only few walls divide the interior into functional zones that flow into one another. Large sliding walls and pivoting doors act to redefine or separate the different spaces.

The first floor houses the sleeping areas, where the corridor and sleeping zone for the parents are orientated inwards the building. The core of this floor is formed by a hidden patio providing light and inside views through the different rooms and hallways.

Although the architecture is very pure and clear, the combination of the materials and colors make it a warm and soft environment. The silent, warm quality of the natural stone is underscored by the natural oak finish of the tables and cupboards. Combined with a plaster technique for the walls and the soft tones of the furniture the house provides a quiet, warm atmosphere.

Alberto Piovano

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