Designer Cabins for Mitsulift


The Vincent Van Duysen elevator cabin interior is an interplay between softly defined materials, textures and tones combining in perfect harmony to form a unified whole.

Warm elements of natural stone complement surfaces of smoothly painted metal. The side walls are horizontally divided, distinguishing the boundaries between steel and stone; with the lower part of the cabin walls seamlessly merging into identical flooring. The back wall of the elevator is dynamically set in frame by a full mirror with the entire scene showcased by a diffused light.

The car operating system is discreetly incorporated and an optional handrail in matching color to the side walls may be integrated onto the mirror, both items appearing indivisible from their surrounding.

The Van Duysen cabin is based on a partitioning system allowing greater flexibility for material combinations and chemistry of colors. The right blend of materials matched with the right balance of colors, working perfectly together to achieve the universally desired VVD home-style feeling.

The Vincent Van Duysen elevator cabin is presented in four configurations:
- Grey white steel with Carrara marble
- Jet black steel with Travertino limestone
- Grey white steel with Travertino limestone
- Jet black steel with Carrara marble

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VVDA 2023 Mitsulift 01
VVDA 2023 Mitsulift 02
VVDA 2023 Mitsulift 03
VVDA 2023 Mitsulift 04
VVDA 2023 Mitsulift 05
VVDA 2023 Mitsulift 06