Fashion Club | Shop, showroom, restaurant

Antwerp, Belgium

1998 — 1999

This venue contains a number of different activities on different levels: fashion showrooms, retail outlets, service spaces on the first two floors, administration and a restaurant on the third floor. Located in a 19th century building – as is evident in the cast-iron structure with neoclassical columns and thick beams – the Fashion Club asserts itself through the clear, clean image of the space, which leaves the task of decoration and compositional rhythm up to the original architectural elements.

No divider systems are used to interrupt the horizontal continuity of the space, accentuated by the presence of elementary, geometric furnishings, which play the role not only of functional objects but also of a kind of domestic architecture within the architecture: long tables and stools in oak, monastic seating, interiors based on the perfect orthogonal design of intersecting planes, creating volumes of disarming simplicity. The layout is extremely flexible, allowing the space to adapt to different functional requirements.

A vivid sensation of tranquillity is underlined by the light that filters through the large acrylic panels, creating an atmosphere that invites the visitor to relax and enjoy small everyday pleasures – a cup of coffee or a light lunch – far from the frenzied pace of one of the busiest port cities in northern Europe.

Alberto Piovano