Ferragamo Boutique

Milan, Italy

2023 — 2024

The renovation of Ferragamo's women's boutique in Milan by Vincent Van Duysen Architects celebrates nearly a century of Italian crafted excellence consisting of innovation, high design and unexpected inventive twists. The partnership with the renowned Belgian architectural firm signifies the commencement of an exciting new chapter for the esteemed Italian maison. This collaboration will play a pivotal role in shaping the brand's global retail vision and presence on a worldwide scale.

The interior design is infused with a contemporary flair producing an elegance that is in step with the times. The setting is a building with a rich history, the Palazzo Carcassola Grandi, built in the 15th century and redesigned in the early 19th century. The palazzo was part of Milan's vibrant cultural and political ferment of that era, home to Emilio Morosini, a patriot of the Italian Risorgimento.

Van Duysen maintained the upmost respect for the spaces – a sequence of rooms – working with materials, light, and rhythms. The large space for footwear is a conceptual springboard with vaults and columns that tell of a special relationship with its history. We are taken on a creative journey that spans across time and takes a leap into the future. The materials are in an interplay of effects that make for an idea of contemporary classicism. The Venetian stucco walls, the stone floors, and the ceilings are in a palette of very light, warm colors, a barely hinted-at cream. Mottled marble slabs are red (Salvatore Ferragamo's favorite color) and the grand mirrors, in clean-lined bronze frames, multiply the space. The interior furnishings – ottomans, armchairs, tables, and display cases– feature soft, rounded edges.

The boutique's interiors were conceived to be moved through like one would through the rooms of a large home, infused with a feeling of sophisticated ease. Each room has its own spirit attuned to the collections within and amplifies their message. Taken together, they become conduits for the energy of Ferragamo style.

Footwear, bags, accessories, and clothing are all arranged on a path of discovery, culminating in a room for silk, entered on a short stone staircase. Poufs and armchairs are scattered throughout inviting pause. A vestibule before the changing rooms is envisioned as a lounge for relaxing and conversation.

Info: Ferragamo.com

Ph. Nicolò Panzera / Massimo Colagrande


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