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Vincent van Duysen, an expert in the history of modern design, has restyled an archetype created in the 1950s and especially popular in America: the deckchair originally derived from the hammock, a traditional item of furniture in that part of the world.

Supported by an elegant solid wooden structure stained of Black Oak, Eucalyptus or Sunrise Oak, Yoell reflects the distinctive feature of the deckchair, designed for relaxing in patios, living spaces and terraces blessed with a tropical climate. In his version, Vincent van Duysen underlines the difference with the systems of the original chairs, featuring textiles or straw with freedom of movement, by designing a brand new element.

A frame, printed and shaped anatomically using a thin layer of polyurethane, finds its natural place by hooking itself to the two top and bottom cross-bars of the frame. The result is an exceptionally comfortable, all-in-one system that seamlessly links seat and backrest. Yoell can be upholstered in textiles, leather or hide-leather from the Molteni&C range.

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Financial Times, 25 June 2022

Elle Decor USA, October 2022

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