Flos Fair Stand Light+Building

Frankfurt, Germany


At this year edition of the Light + Building fair, Flos Architectural is making a statement of its capability to set a true dialogue between the different languages of lighting product and architecture. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and unique design approach, the relationship between light and architecture, between performance and emotion is brought by Flos to new standards.

The new professional collections are exhibited in a stand covering more than 700 sqm. which is explicitly conceived to highlight the new indoor and outdoor ranges and to demonstrate how harmoniously and emotionally the Flos products, both for interiors and exteriors, can relate to architecture. The stand has been designed by world-renowned Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen, who has taken on a very sculptural, yet architectural approach. The concept is based on the fundaments of strict, linear, and architectural style. Ornament-less corridors and walk-trough spaces are created using thick monochrome walls and roof structures. The material pallet has been reduced to an absolute minimum and essence to keep the main focus on all light fixtures and fittings. A void was created in the center of the stand for Van Duysen’s lighting installation for Flos, part of the new collection which is being launched at the fair.


VVDA_Flos Light+Building_Frankfurt_1
VVDA_Flos Light+Building_Frankfurt_2
VVDA_Flos Light+Building_Frankfurt_3
VVDA_Flos Light+Building_Frankfurt_4
VVDA_Flos Light+Building_Frankfurt_5
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