Gliss Master for Molteni&C


Domestic scale – architectural perspective.

Gliss ‘Master’ for Molteni & C is a storage system with an understated complexity. Displaying a purity of form combined with a distinct material palette of plaster, bronze, timber, and leather, Gliss ‘Master’ is a unique combination of precision and softness.

A quietly composed form reveals a depth of architectural detail presenting a strong consideration of both tactility and functionality. Bronze handles – with optional inset leather – are a study in ergonomics and a unique internal stepped tray demonstrates a simplicity of form rich in materiality and craft.

Gliss ‘Master’ is a synthesis of Van Duysen’s architectural concepts into a refined domestic language.

Molteni & C


2018 AZ Awards Winner: Furniture Systems

VVDA_2015_Gliss Master for Motleni&C
VVDA_2015_Gliss Master for Motleni&C_2
VVDA_2015_Gliss Master for Motleni&C_3
VVDA_2015_Gliss Master for Motleni&C_4
VVDA_2015_Gliss Master for Motleni&C_5
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Tal 093 Gliss Master Lr
Tal 094 Gliss Master Lr
Tal 095 Gliss Master Lr
Tal 090 Gliss Master Lr