HH Penthouse

New York, USA


The former Bowery Lane Theatre, which became an Off-Broadway theatre was originally a bank building with a cast-iron façade constructed from 1873 to 1874, designed by Henry Engelbert in the Italianate style.
The project spanned from 2011 to 2015, and involved the complete renovation of the top three floors of this iconic building, including the rooftop penthouse and garden. The classic features and architectural elements of the cast-iron façade generate a beautiful rhythm of tall openings that flood the inner spaces with natural light. The interior design reflects this important legacy by generating a sequence of rooms that have a strong relationship with the façade and the cadence of openings and exterior views.

The fourth floor contains the main public functions of this private residence for a family of four. From the main hall, an important visual axis connects the grand living area and the library with the family kitchen, creating a sense of grandeur but also interconnecting all the spaces as an immersive spatial experience. The library was conceived as a multifunctional space; an extension of the adjacent areas, creating a comfortable and homely playroom or a more formal dining area if required.
The fifth floor accommodates all the private and night zones, with special emphasis given to the master bedroom, which is designed as private suite with a vanity that continues in the different zones of the bedroom. The bathroom assumes the central role in the space, connecting both the dressing rooms, steam showers and sleeping area.
The top floor includes a rooftop lounge, located behind the façade, along with an outdoor covered terrace and a spa area. A long architectural element in natural stone unifies the different areas, creating a strong relationship between interior and exterior spaces, and housing a concealed firepit, an outdoor and indoor kitchen counter and the hot tub.
The interior atmosphere is serene, created by a particular selection of materials that generate comfortable and inviting spaces, rendering an exclusive but homely feeling. French oak is used, on floors but also in all cabinet interiors, and most particularly in the family kitchen, giving the whole space a warm atmosphere. Sandblasted French limestone is used in bespoke sinks and for the cladding of special rooms like the master shower and the main living room fireplace, while honed Carrara marble is used on secondary bathrooms. Completing this palette of materials, the master suite walls are completely upholstered in grey cashmere. All hardware and metal elements in the project are executed in dark bronze, creating a dramatic contrast with other surface finishes.
The intervention extended to the building’s lobby, and the aesthetic supervision of the façade renovation works. It is a complete and comprehensive intervention that truly respects the heritage of such an iconic structure while creating the ideal home retreat in New York City.


François Halard


AD100 Hors Série, April 2019

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