I.R.O. - Italian Rational Objects for Giustini Stagetti


Galleria Giustini / Stagetti presents I.R.O. - Italian Rational Objects - the result of the first collaboration with Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen.

Form, material, and light take center stage ni the work of the author, who approaches each new project drawing constant inspiration from art, history, nature, travels, experiences that coexist in his personal creative search with harmony and naturalness.

In this case, the collection, the first created by Van Duysen for a gallery, takes its initial steps from the study of Italian rationalist architecture of the 1920s and 1940s and the distinctive characteristics of its aesthetics, which the author reinterprets in a contemporary form through the process of synthesis and subtraction that characterizes all of his work.

The search for balance, the reduction of form, essentiality, and volumetric spatiality enhanced by the study of solids and voids are some of the points of intersection that mark the dialogue between the intimate essence of Rationalist architecture and Vincent Van Duysen's design language.

Another significant reference comes from the creations of the Brazilian artist Lygia Clark, composed of geometries of metal planes. The invitation to the possibility of interaction with the artistic object projects the author's work into a performative dimension, inviting us to reflect on the relationship between the audience and the artwork. Similarly, Vincent Van Duysen focuses his attention on the connection between the spatiality and volumes of his works and the viewer who interacts with them.

Each element of the collection - consisting of a console, a low table, a dining table, a bookcase, a side table and a wall lamp - follows the same compositional principle: aluminum sheets folded into a linear and sophisticated geometry. The result is a rigorous volumetrics that does not sacrifice formal elegance, suggesting a notion of lightness emphasized through the satin finish.

More info: GiustiniStagetti.com

Photos by Omar Golli


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