Intersection for Molteni&C


Intersection is a kitchen with a strong expressive character and refined details that highlight the craftsmanship of Dada in processing materials. Our team was inspired by the great masters Piet Mondrian and Carlo Scarpa: the first, for the use of geometric compositions that identify the founder of the de Stijl movement, using essences that intersect and create rigorous geometries; the latter, for the refined materials and details that distinguish one of his masterpieces, the Querini Stampalia Palace in Venice, where marble, stone, ceramics, wood and metal fittings are used in a masterly way to create highly sophisticated and beautiful environments.

The system offers an infinite range of linear, corner or island compositions, where surfaces and worktops create interplays of light and shadow. The worktop has become the generating element of the project, featuring a new 50 mm thick design. Designed as a sculptural detail, it creates a channel below its edge that allows doors and drawers to open without the need for handles. A new material, the natural stone Breccia Capraia, marked by splendid dark coloured streaks makes each top, backrest or shelf a unique piece.

Inlay work on the doors enhances the materiality of essences and ennobles the plasticity of the lacquered surfaces, with a design resembling architecture and dominated by geometric proportion. The snack element presents essence surfaces characterized by veins that intersect to form a pleasant linear and rational profile.

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Elle Decor Italia, March 2021

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