JVD-DJ Residence

Brussels, Belgium

2002 — 2005

House and gallery are situated on a slope between two streets with the entrances for each situated on different streets - this way the house (positioned at the high end of the slope) overlooks the gallery building below and the park nearby.

The house and gallery have nine floors in total. The former gallery below is used for special events for a select audience while the basement of the house has a nice roof terrace on top of the gallery. From the first and second floor of the house you have extensive views of the Brussels residential quarter giving each space its own atmosphere.

The entrance and basement floor are very light with extensive use of white Calcutta marble on floors and furniture. The space is used as an abstract transition between the outside world and the house as a world of art. The second living floor has, despite its white plastered walls, a much warmer feeling due to the wall-to-wall carpet and the client’s furniture collection. The bedroom floor has a very dark and intimate atmosphere with extensive use of golden brown marble and dark oak paneling. The darkened back facade with its balconies is an abstract contrast with the traditional front facade of the house.


Alberto Piovano