Kitchen Box for Molteni&C


The new Kitchen Box element creates additional storage space in the kitchen and can be used across Indada, Prime, Hi-Line 6, Hi-Line 6 Frame Door, VVD models. The play on volumes gives a touch of functionality to all the compositions, thus becoming domestic architecture.

The open element is available in wood and encloses a shelf with an aluminium frame, which recalls the concept of the Atelier columns for its customization. The internal shelf can be in glass, ceramic, slats, or wood and can be further enhanced by a suffused LED light, which provides illumination without any visible element.

Kitchen box can also be used both as a seating element and as a support element for a snack table, becoming a modern multifunctional element to be included in any layout.

More info:

VVDA 2023 MOLT Kitchen Box HR