Landmark & Timeout Outdoor Collections for Molteni&C

2023 — 2024

Vincent Van Duysen’s vision unfolds in the Molteni&C Outdoor 2024 Collection, seamlessly bridging indoor and outdoor realms, personal and shared spaces. It narrates the essence of living al fresco, intertwining freedom and a deep connection to nature through meticulously crafted furnishings designed for inviting spaces steeped in sustainability.

Continuing to make its mark in the outdoor domain, the collection expands its offerings while upholding the exclusivity of Italian excellence, refined to perfection — a hallmark of Vincent Van Duysen’s creative universe.

Reflecting on the success of the inaugural Molteni&C Outdoor collection, Vincent Van Duysen states, “Introducing new pieces with a distinctive identity and decorative touch adds another layer to our existing collection. We remain committed to the art of living cultivated since the inception of our outdoor journey.”

Materials play a starring role in the Outdoor Collection, where solid natural teak engages in a dialogue with aluminum profiles in merlot red and golden-hour hues, complemented by handcrafted polypropylene ropes. Noteworthy is the introduction of ceramics in the Picea coffee table — a sculptural monoblock that traverses the entire collection, offered in anthracite, merlot red, and ecru.

The creative director’s signature pieces include the Petalo armchair with its masterful weaving of ecru polypropylene ropes, the Fairmont table in solid teak — Vincent Van Duysen’s testament to magnificently transferring the art of living from indoor to outdoor spaces — and two seating solutions, Cobea and Boboli. Cobea is a chair made of teak that pairs well with the Fairmont table, and Boboli is a sofa-armchair that expresses the lightness and airiness of time spent in nature.

The Outdoor Collection serves as the ultimate testing ground, where technical prowess and craftsmanship elevate the performance and natural textures of carefully selected materials, ensuring both technical and aesthetic excellence.

The art of living with balance and sophistication takes tangible form in an environment bathed in light and nature — a timeless embodiment of Molteni&C elegance.

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Outdoor Collection 2024 Casa Novina 06 HR
Outdoor Collection Photo by Frederik Vercruysse 11 HR
VVDA 2024 MOLT Petalo Armchair 12 HR copy 2
Outdoor Collection Photo by Frederik Vercruysse 06 HR
Outdoor Collection 2024 Casa Novina 08 HR
Outdoor Collection Photo by Frederik Vercruysse 02 HR
VVDA 2024 MOLT Boboli Armchair 02 HR copy 2
Outdoor Collection Photo by Frederik Vercruysse 04 HR
VVDA 2024 MOLT Cobea Chair 06 HR copy 2
Outdoor Collection 2024 Casa Novina 18 HR