M1 Offices

Beirut, Lebanon


Situated in a prominent area in Downtown Beirut, VVDA won the interior design competition for the offices for M1 Group. Located on the top four floors of a new building, the offices look over the best views of the city.

The project intentionally has a strong ‘residential’ feel and qualities in an office context. The interior is contemporary and cosy yet functional and pragmatic. The use of the soft, warm and luxurious materials such as natural travertine stone, natural oak, and full height glass gives a warm open experience. Oak ‘claustras’ were used to create visual ‘divisions’ between spaces to add a contextualised layer to the interior.

Details often present in high end residential projects were also applied to achieve this ‘homely’ atmosphere. Receptions desks are cladded natural stone, large oversize loose carpets are placed under VVD designed lounge furniture. Neutral palettes and forms of office loose furniture was specified to create this calmness. A ‘strata’ or public walkway across the centre of the floor plan interconnects each space. The central stair case cladded in an oak balustrade and claustra connects all four floors vertically while the ‘strata’ connects the spaces horizontally.

The executive offices compared the public areas have a more intimate feel to give a contracting atmosphere. Walls have full height in timber veneer cladding in combination with the claustras.


Ieva Saudargaité

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