Molteni&C Fair Stand Salone del Mobile

Milan, Italy


This year's stand at Salone and products have been stimulated by a strong desire not to abandon fluidity, sensuality or comfort. The concept of comfort is visually translated in the tactility of the materials. Our eye is guided on every curve while a great feeling of calm emanates from the whole range. The notion of protection, of shelter, is very important in our work and we think the collection reflects that well. We are enveloped in these fluid forms as if we were inside a cocoon in which we would like to live ever.

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Yinjispace, 2 September 2022

Molteni Salone 2022 0635 Hr
Molteni Salone 2022 0659 Hr
Molteni Max 0165 Hr
Molteni Salone 2022 0291 Hr
Molteni Salone 2022 0699 Hr
Molteni Salone 2022 0440 1 Hr
Molteni Max 0283 Hr
Molteni Max 0205 1 Hr
Molteni Max 0151 Hr