Molteni&C Giussano Showroom

Giussano, Italy


The basic idea behind the creation of the brand new Molteni&C showroom in Giussano was to further improve the quality of the spaces. Here, the art of living hinges on sophisticated interiors characterized by different materials and layers resulting in an organic mixture of contrasts, tactility and color. Inspiration derived from a careful look into the graphic world of Ponti and Scarpa, with the addition of many new elements. The result is a meticulous subdivision of each section and a plethora of textures able to act as the perfect backdrop to display Molteni&C|Dada's new products.

The planning approach was not unusual: Why not create a house, alternating all domestic environments, such as kitchen, living area and sleeping area, as in private homes? One of the central themes was to secure the transition between one room to the next. Just like inside Milanese palaces, doors and portals between adjacent rooms have been emphasized with the use of metal finishes, and a sober yet elegant design.


Publications:, September 2020

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New Showroom Giussano 03 HR
New Showroom Giussano 06 HR
Vvda 2020 Molteni Giussano Showroom 0318
Vvda 2020 Molteni Giussano Showroom 0010