Molteni&C Fair Stand Salone del Mobile

Milan, Italy


In 2023 we wanted to take a different direction which was informed by Vincent Van Duysen’s secondary school studies. Having studied Greek and Latin, he was introduced to the way of living in Roman times and to the domus romana, this is how the visitors have experienced the collection. He has always been fascinated by the simplicity of their homes developed around an atrium. This element has been extremely influential in his career until today. Indoor gardens with colonnades have always appealed to him; consider for example his own house in Portugal which includes such a feature. What he likes about it is that one can create intimate outdoor areas but, at the same time, an extension of the indoor with light percolating through the columns.

With this stand Vincent also wanted to implement a sort of Indoor and outdoor dialog. The pieces are gently positioned in the various rooms / stanzas. The booth had an organic feel and natural colors with touches of greens and terracotta.

It is a reinterpretation of the domus romana with wood. And, instead of frescoes, we brought in Roberto Ruscoli for the frescoes/wall paintings.

Photos courtesy of Molteni&C

01 P1043497 Salone 2023 HR
05 P1043151 Salone 2023 HR
03 P1043479 Salone 2023
08 P1043098 Salone 2023 HR
10 P1043090 Salone 2023
16 P1043511 Salone 2023
18 P1043100 Salone 2023
19 P1043093 Salone 2023
22 P1043257 Salone 2023
25b P1043269 Salone 2023 HR
26 P1043104 Salone 2023
37 P1043409 Salone 2023
50 P1043145 Salone 2023