Molteni&C | Dada Paris Showroom

Paris, France


The showroom in Paris was born to import the elegance of Molteni&C into the capital of France. The new Flagship space will reinforce Italian craftsmanship and excellence within a major European cultural center. Molteni&C’s style, understated yet sophisticated, goes hand in hand with the Parisian attitude and taste. Inside the interiors boast a balance between spaces flooded with light and darker more subdued and relaxing spaces. We exploited the tactility of metal bronzed portals, travertine floors, smoked oak ceiling and the staircase’s handrail to create a textures and welcoming ambiance.

Photography: Max Zambelli / Molteni&C|Dada

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Vvda 2020 Molteni Paris 01
Vvda 2020 Molteni Paris 02
Vvda 2020 Molteni Paris 03
Vvda 2020 Molteni Paris 04
Vvda 2020 Molteni Paris 05