Molteni Group Flagship Store

New York, USA


The Molteni Group opened a new Flagship Store in the heart of Manhattan, at 160 Madison Avenue, designed by Vincent Van Duysen Architects. From the beginning, the aim was to bring a contemporary interpretation of an Italian palazzo to New York, with a reference to the company’s Italian heritage. The store transports you to an Italian environment through the use of materials and a mixture of textiles, all based on the perception of a real Italian palazzo. The passion for craftsmanship is very present in the brand, which transmits the consumer a sense of authenticity that informs the approach to the design of a new product and space. A project that brings Italian style and elegance into a classic New York building. Style and elegance are reflected in close attention to the materials, details and craftsmanship of the portals, the travertino floor and the walnut staircase. The appreciation for craftsmanship is present in the space even though there is a lot of hidden technology in the space, still aiming for authenticity and consistency of the space.

The central walnut staircase is the masterpiece of the whole store which is the most prominent architectural element within the space, which links the two levels. Although the existing retail spaces were very generous in scale, the presence of very large round concrete columns from the tower above created the challenge to work around these elements in order to create an interesting flow of different rooms.

The flagship store will host a collection of works by contemporary artists, showcasing the concept of an art collector’s house. An ideal collection that contributes to the creation of an ecosystem where art and design enhance each other.


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