MVS Residence

Brussels, Belgium

1999 — 2001

The two-storey penthouse is divided in two areas. The top floor is intended for the owners use while the smaller floor downstairs houses the guest facilities.

The main floor was cleared as much as possible keeping only a few volumes for the definition of different areas. Connected, but able to be closed off through different sliding doors, this creates different configurations and views through the living spaces.

Throughout the different areas, white Carrara Statuario marble is used for the floors and wall cladding which contrasts subtly with the dark oak wall paneling and furniture as well as with the green surroundings entering the interior through the picture frame-like windows. This black and white pattern is broken by the a colorful art and furniture collection. It was the clients explicit wish not to make the space too gallery-like for his collection but to live with the collection and incorporate it into everyday life. The neutral colour palette of the interior works perfectly for this function.

The kitchen, although designed as a very functional space, looks like an abstract marble sculpture. Similarly in the bathroom where only a large Carrara bath and long stretched wash basin seem to be positioned for sculpting the light.


Alberto Piovano