Natan Louisa Shop

Brussels, Belgium


‘Embracing the atmosphere of the past, this former hotel is dedicated to contemporary fashion: classicism and modernity are combined in perfect harmony.

Entering the store feels like walking on a promenade with clothes as eye-catchers… even the shoes and accessories get their own spot in a special corner with a great natural stone counter.

The atmosphere of the shop is made up of different horizontal planes and mirrors that reach from floor to ceiling. A concept that already proved its success in the Natan shop in the Naamsestraat in Brussels which was also designed by Vincent Van Duysen Architects.

The architecture contributes to the essence of the project: presenting the stylish Natan pieces in the best manner and to regale to the clients the appropriate comfort and luxury. Special attention is given to the lighting concept to emphasize the colour nuances of the collection and there’s an entirely new concept for the fitting rooms as well.

Although Natan evokes luxury above all a discrete tribute is made to the existing building: the presence of the oak paneling in combination with the abundance of whites refer explicitly to the brio of designer Edouard Vermeulen: the art of colour.'

Elle Wonen Flemish edition n°61 - June 2001