Oskar for B&B Italia


Industrial persona – material sensitivity.

The Oskar table for B&B Italia combines robust assemblage with unexpected materiality. A structure of blackened chrome, set within a distinctive leg profile, establishes a modern and tactile signature while the cantilevered top and its soft curvilinear proportion sit suspended above.

Solid or lacquered timber legs, a steel frame, and a variety of top finishes in Oak, glass and natural stone, offer a range of eclectic compositions. Oskar  can be a study in contrasts or a collection of crafted components.

With a contemporary measure Oskar’s form reinterprets a Modernist design language guided by industrial principals. A balancing of proportion, the combination of bold materials, and careful detailing create a form that has both rigor and elegance.

B&B Italia

Oskar Tavolo Marmo 83996 Copy