P Residence

Antwerp, Belgium

2000 — 2001

The object of this design was to use the existing structure of the two major spaces in the general concept of the apartment and to give the whole a single spacious atmosphere.

The two parts of the building where functionally defined as a day and a night area with both areas conceived according to typical loft principles. The day area houses the sitting and eating area and has no formal entrance zone while the bathroom, at one side of the central corridor between the bedrooms, and the service rooms can completely open up through use of sliding walls and large doors. The placing of the washbasin at the end of the corridor together with the open shower transforms the hallway into a sort of bathroom.

The border between day and night zones is amplified by a long glass wall that, contrary to what one might expect, makes the apartment look much larger. The kitchen elements behind this same wall seem to be positioned much further away than in reality.

The combination of the different art objects and second-hand furniture pieces - like a large cloister table - and the pure architecture of the interior give the living area a specific identity without formal dominancy. The master bedroom and dressing room have a more intimate atmosphere with dark-stained oak and dove-grey walls.

Jean Luc Laloux