Ratio for Dada


Ratio has been renewed in its modularity and materials, maintaining a particularly marked graphic and architectural character. The range has been conceived as a modular kitchen, where the structure is the protagonist: metal grids create the architecture for bases, wall units, columns, hoods and accessories.

Solid volumes, empty volumes and worktops with different thicknesses are clasped to the structural technical elements, which are slender and minimal, creating an elegant interplay of balances. The island solution with furniture and accessories is perfectly integrated into the project, together with snack counters and innovative solutions for the washing and cooking areas.

With the aim of widening the design and satisfying the most discerning and sophisticated users, Ratio is enriched with new base units, equipped with slatted doors and interior lighting, where handles are integrated by outlines of the same thickness, resulting in a decorative frame that gives rhythm to the structure.

The research on materials is always oriented to warmth and Mediterranean features, alternating refined woods such as Thermo Oak, and sophisticated natural stones such as the new Breccia Capraia, marked by splendid dark-coloured streaks which make each worktop, backrest or shelf a unique piece.

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ArchiExpo e-Mag, 17 February, 2021

Vvda 2020 Ratio By Vincent Van Duysen 01 Hr 1
Vvda 2020 Sistema 7 By Vincent Van Duysen 03 Hr
Vvda 2020 Ratio By Vincent Van Duysen 01 Hr 4
Vvda 2020 Ratio By Vincent Van Duysen 01 Hr 8
Vvda 2020 Ratio By Vincent Van Duysen 01 Hr 7