Remi for Molteni&C


The Remi console is a meditation on materials, form, and the power of craftsmanship. For the console, we wanted to refer to a more decorative look and feel. A piece of furniture able to create a connection among the elements of the living area and to introduce subtleties within the wooden details. Remi can be placed behind our new sofa or as a stand-alone.

The console was designed to be placed behind the new Augusto sofa and mirrors its proportions, acting as a counterweight to the backrest’s soft and voluminous silhouette. The frame, with its solid wood base joints, is available in the precious coffee oak essence.

At 230x55x55h in dimensions, Remi’s elegant shape makes it suitable for a multitude of different layouts. The top is the testimony of the craftsmanship and attention to detail of Molteni&C, thanks to wood’s vein that provides a unified design.

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VVDA 2023 MOLT Remi HR