Residential Tower

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Material, structure, volume - this project refers to regional elements in a very contemporary way.

The perimeter wall defining a (semi-) public area surrounded with a colonnade where pedestrians can meet in the shade; the tower (indicating the importance of the place), arising in a corner, related to the boundary wall while marking the interior courtyard garden at the same time, is clad in a same material and structure as the colonnade.

The aesthetical atmosphere is defined by the overall volumetrical mass of the building, the strict rhythm and proportions of the 3-dimensional grid, the use of the golden material, and the double-height gardens behind the façade.

In a contemporary language, this concept deals with history in a way that it is not evidently recognisable or fake, it results in a strong project where references to history are used to root the project in the region and, through the correct interpretation, creates a sustainable, comfortable, and functional residential tower.


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