Shelter at Metamorphosis for Bulgari

Milan, Italy


The idea to create a contemplative space, a shrine in which to find protection and inner calm, was Vincent Van Duysen’s starting point in developing the Shelter for Maison Bulgari. The main purpose was to create a cocoon in which to disconnect from the world, and its chaotic flux.

The location – Galleria d’Arte Moderna (GAM) – offers a rich cultural context with its classicism and grand décor. The Shelter rises from a low platform set in the center of the room. Its walls are composed of stacked lamellas, silver at the bottom gradually turning brighter and golden toward the top. These layers are held together by a reflecting pane that intersects each plate vertically. The result is a monolithic labyrinth based on a sinuous planimetry, snake-like. The simplicity of the space is here juxtaposed to the complexity of the volume’s finishes.


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Photos: Simone Fiorini

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Vvda 2021 Bulgari Shelter Salone 01
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