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Spine by Vincent Van Duysen for Flos Outdoor is the new family of adjustable outdoor projectors. It transforms an instrument that is generally considered anonymous and very difficult to characterize into a product of excellence.

Thus, the Spine family stands out for both the minimal aesthetics that made Van Duysen famous all over the world and for the innovative technology that make it unique. The latter is a sum of factors, all resulting from Flos’ engineering expertise: the possibility of rotating the head 270°degrees and the base 360°, the maximum visual comfort, simplicity and flexibility of assembly (both rare for an outdoor projector) and the wide range of accessories that make it perfect for customized projects in any environment, from residential to contract. All this, combined with Van Duysen’s unmistakable style, make Spine the first outdoor signature projector.

"During the creation of Spine, the main goal was to work on the hinges and achieve a perfect rotational movement. There is a lot of engineering experience coming from Flos: the result is a simple structure with a complex technology behind it. Spine boasts a very graphic element for the hinge, the base and the point: the cylinder. The interlocking is the signature of the collection and includes a cylinder that is perpendicular to the base and the spotlight, and two other cylinders. The cooling area is a recessed dotted grid. Overall, the design is very essential as we wanted to avoid having a collection that felt too technical compared to a basic and clean structure. The range includes plug-in accessories to vary and recalibrate the light beam, which is more focused than the diffused one. We also covered several scopes with different sizes: 70 to 90mm diameter." - Vincent Van Duysen

Ph. Tommaso Sartori / Flos

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2021 12 Flos Solo House C1 08 A
2021 12 Flos Solo House L 43 V2
2021 12 Flos Solo House L 45 1
2021 12 Flos Solo House C1 17 V1 1
SPINE 90 ULTRA Asymmetric screen Front view
SPINE 90 ULTRA Asymmetric screen Back view
SPINE 90 ULTRA Front view