Sportmax Shop

Milan, Italy


Vincent Van Duysen Architects created a naked space, where infinity is emphasized by the repetition of materials and colors.

Pure and essential walls surfaces, detached furniture, a floor made of dark sawn natural stone which repeats in the ceiling, and glass used for a display windows provide definition between the shop floor and other functions, such as fitting rooms, which need more discretion. The brickwork side walls, through their rough finish, emphasize these smooth surfaces and glass panels and ensure a sense of space and profundity.

Presented in individual elements, the clothing provides the warmth and focal point of the space. As these elements face on another, this ensures a view of the entire collection. The structure of these elements plays with interaction and intimacy, closeness and openness. This combination of elements suggest a single volumes made entirely of clothing.

The building has been stripped exposing it’s basic structure and the interior the palette was reduced to a minimum: concrete tile floors, brickwork walls with a thin mortar based finish, aluminum and wooden furniture pieces, custom made light beams on the ceiling. The roughness of the used materials is in sharp contrast with the refinement of the clothing. The concrete floor, brickwork wall, and metal light fixtures, referenced by exposed timber beams and ceiling, create an atmosphere of a purified space.

All furniture pieces are freestanding which intensifies the gallery-like experience . The high aluminum containers offer a variety of display possibilities without conflicting with the typology of the space.

Alberto Piovano