T Offices

Kortrijk, Belgium


Combining offices, a warehouse and ateliers for fashion in a typical industrial environment resulted in a sculptural building showing these functions literally stacked on top of each other. The strong horizontal aligned character and superposition of the black base, overhanging concrete slab and white rooftop offices create an atypical experience, which reflects the creative ambitions of the client and its fashion firm.
The dark metal grids are used as the main material to wrap the industrial prefab concrete structure, embracing the building and simultaneously enclosing outdoor patios. This architectural element is continued into the interior as a functional grid, but at the same time brings poetic light and shadow into the building. The result is a diffuse architectural language that gradually reveals the permeability of the building.


Hélène Binet

Koen Van Damme


ArchDaily, September 2013

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Vvda 2018 Monograph T Offices 04 Koen Van Damme Rgb
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