VR Apartment

Milan, Italy


Considering the location of this apartment on the fifth floor of an original Milanese 1950s residential building – situated in the dense urbanized city centre – its new layout was developed through exploration of a maximal relation between the living areas and the view of the surrounding trees.
The main spaces are divided by ‘functional volumes’ (containing for example the cloakroom, storage rooms, etc.) and floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, all fully clad in sandstone. Custom-made bronze window frames – that can be opened completely by sliding them into the façade – induce a nearly seamless connection with the greenery of the trees and the potted plants on the terraces around.
Through thorough detailing of seamless junctions and high-end finishes, the apartment provides an ascetic, spacious yet luxurious experience. Its carefully selected, modest palette – sandstone cladding and oak floors – creates a simple and uniform whole, emphasizing the greenery positioned around the apartment. Meticulous detailing combined with brightly coloured accents of art and furnishings (such as the glazed terracotta pots in the colour of the 1950s façade tiles) produce an apartment with a uniquely pure yet calm character.

Alberto Piovano
Frederik Vercruysse

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Vvda 2009 Vr Apartment Plan